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Sepolen Consulting Services, LLC

​​​​​​​Sepolen Consulting Services, LLC
SCS is a minority, woman-owned small business led by a retired Federal Senior Executive. Sepolen Consulting Services specializes in delivering expert services in:

     1. EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity – Consulting and Complaint Processing

     2. ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation Services and Conflict Coaching

     3. D&I - Diversity and Inclusion – Consultation, Training and Barrier Analysis

EEO Counseling
Our EEO counseling process is designed to adhere to the primary goals of the counseling stage in the Federal EEO complaint process: define the alleged class of discrimination and attempt informal resolution before a complaint is filed. SCS counseling focuses on mediation/reconciliation. Counseling episodes are completed in 30 days.

EEO Investigations
Investigations conform to EEOC’s regulations and agency requirements. SCS investigations yield an impartial, factual record for the adjudicator to decide the merits of the complaint. Investigations are completed within 45 to 60 days depending on the terms of the contract.

Recommended Final Agency Decisions
SCS performs procedural and final agency decisions on the merit of EEO complaints within 45 days. Decisions include case law analyses and citations to assist the agency in defending its decision on appeal.

Administrative Investigations
Employers recognize the importance of investigating allegations of egregious misconduct. An SCS impartial administrative investigation into these types of allegations helps an employer preserve or rebuild trust in the work environment and lessen the chance of serious legal ramifications.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
SCS provides ADR services through mediation, group facilitation and executive conflict coaching. Mediation sessions are led by certified mediators who are highly experienced mediating federal agency disputes.

SCS offers expertise in developing strategic direction for managing workplace conflicts and establishing effective EEO and ADR programs. SCS also offers consultation for meditating highly sensitive conflicts involving senior executives, conducting inquiries into allegations of egregious misconduct by senior officials; and de-escalating internal conflicts that are leading to intense media or Congressional scrutiny.

Formal classroom training of counselors, mediators and investigators is provided by SCS. All training curricula may be customized to meet specific needs. Training sessions meet EEOC requirements for the 32-hour mandatory basic training for counselors and investigators and their corresponding annual certification 8-hour mandatory training. SCS also customizes EEO and ADR training for executives, supervisors and employees.

EEO and ADR Program Reviews
SCS reviews and assesses the effectiveness of an agency’s EEO, ADR, and/or HR programs. We also facilitate preparation of EEOC 462 report.

In today’s society, diversity drives and predicts an organization’s ability to succeed. Leveraging and expanding an organization’s workforce diversity through inclusion, empowerment and recognition is imperative not only to accomplish the mission but also to create a productive work environment in which employees feel valued.

SCS has the executive level experience and Human Resources expertise to review an organization’s current structure, assist in identifying and eliminating barriers and design strategies that cultivate a flexible, collaborative and inclusive workplace culture.

SCS diversity and inclusion services include
•   Analysis of diversity - workforce analytics
•   Diversity and inclusion strategic plans
•   Diversity policy
•   Development of a model EEO program
•   Preparation of EEOC annual MD-715 report

Sepolen Consulting Services, LLC