SCS offers senior executive-level consultation for managing workplace conflicts and establishing effective EEO and ADR programs. SCS also offers consultation on mediation and resolution strategies for highly sensitive conflicts involving senior executives, conducting administrative inquiries into allegations of egregious misconduct and de-escalating high profile internal conflicts.

By leveraging extensive executive-level experience in HR, EEO, and conflict resolution, SCS provides holistic consultative services to address workplace issues multi-dimensionally.

Sampling of services:

  • Assessing and developing strategic plans for managing workplace conflicts
  • Mediating conflicts involving senior leaders and executives
  • De-escalating mission-distracting internal conflicts
  • Investigating allegations of egregious misconduct by managers and senior officials
  • Consulting on resolution and processing of complex EEO cases, including class actions
  • Assessing EEO and ADR programs
  • Dealing with complex workplace conflicts through coaching
  • Coaching managers through mediation of workplace disputes
  • Designing a Model EEO Program as prescribed by MD-715
  • Developing a Diversity and Inclusion strategic plan
  • Developing and sustaining a diverse workforce

In partnership with Art of Resolution, LLC, SCS offers a highly customized holistic training program built to address a specific employment challenge with intertwined HR, ER and EEO issues.

The approach leverages SCS’s executive-level managerial expertise, vast expertise in HR/ER consulting, EEO complaint processing, and years of resolving complex and high profile conflicts. SCS works with customers to determine the appropriate length, format and modality of the training based on the unique circumstance and the nature of the challenge.

Equal Employment Opportunity Courses (EEO)
EEO Counselors and Investigators Training
EEO Complaint Process, EEO for Managers and Senior Leaders
Rehabilitation, Preventing Retaliation, Settlement Agreement, Harassment

ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution Courses
Turn Conflict Into Collaboration, Advanced and Basic Mediation Skills, etc.

D&I - Diversity and Inclusion Courses
Barrier Analysis, Cultural Competence, Diversity in the Workplace, etc.


SCS has winning strategies for your business to penetrate the Federal marketplace. Through close collaboration with Art of Resolution, LLC and partnerships with other former Federal executives, SCS has a strong network of experts to help you build relationships to enter or expand your services into the Federal marketplace.

Consultative services include:

  • 1.   Assessing and strengthening your capabilities statement
  • 2.   Identifying strategic partnerships to increase your capability
  • 3.   Developing strategies to build business through networking and marketing
  • 4.   Identifying opportunities matching your capabilities
  • 5.   Identifying strategies to successfully market your capabilities to potential Federal clients
  • 6.   Helping position your company to successfully compete for Federal contracts

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