Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Courses 

 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Courses 


How to Turn Conflict into Collaboration – 2 hours
When employees spend too much time dealing with conflict, valuable attention is taken away from the real work of their organization. In this workshop, participants learn how to take the initiative to quickly resolve conflict with their co-workers and work together to find win/win  solutions for most disagreements.

ADR Awareness – 4 hours
This course provides employees, managers, and union officials with a basic understanding of conflict, the underlying causes of conflict, and how ADR can be used to resolve disputes.  The course emphasizes mediation as one of the most commonly used ADR processes to  address workplace disputes.

Advanced Mediation Skills – 24 hours
This course focuses on enhancing the skills of mediators who have conducted at least five mediations. It is designed to provide participants with the additional knowledge and skills to conduct effective mediation sessions and to assist parties in resolving disputes. The participants  will learn to understand the causes of conflict, how to work with multiple parties, issues, and  representatives, how to improve questioning skills, how to paraphrase and summarize, and  better utilize these techniques to break an impasse.

Basic Mediation Skills – 40 hours
This course provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to be neutral, third party mediators. The participants learn about mediation/co-mediation and its usefulness as a problem solving technique; they also are taught how to identify and practice the steps of the mediation process, draft a written settlement agreement, and understand mediator standards of conduct.

Group Facilitation – 32 hours
This course provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to be a neutral, third party group facilitator. The participants learn group facilitation skills including: introduction to group conflict, overview of the principles and practices of group facilitation, including neutrality and confidentiality, stages of group formation and development, techniques for identifying and assessing group conflict, designing and managing group conflict interventions, and skills and methods for intervening in group conflict.

Barrier Analysis – 8 hours
This course teaches how to systematically examine agency employment policies and practices to identify and remove barriers to equal employment opportunity (EEO) in accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity Management Directive 715 (MD-715).

Diversity and Cultural Competence – 3 hours
This interactive course focuses on the cultural competences managers must possess to lead a culturally diverse workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace – 8 hours
This course presents a case for diversity beyond ethic categories and shares proven strategies to promote a cohesive and productive workplace.

Leverage Diversity to Improve Performance – 2 hours
A presentation on how recruiting, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce is indispensable to accomplishing organizational mission.

Managing Generational Diversity – 4 hours
An interactive discussion on the perceptions of different generations and the challenges – and how to meet them - that lie ahead for the workplace.

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